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Dogge/Kitty Inn

"Country Dogs" Boarding! Our ever-popular indoor/outdoor vacation spot!

We offer cozy accommodations at an affordable rate for your dog(or dogs) during their stay with us in the "Country Dogs" room. Each boarding guest has his own 4'x20' indoor to outdoor area. These areas are heated for cold winter nights or air-conditioned during steamy summer days. Our guests are fed Nutrisource Premium dog food on a schedule provided by their owner. Medication or food brought from home is always dispensed at no additional charge, and toys from home are welcome. Each guest is tucked in at night with warm blankets and a bedtime snack!


Uptowne Heaven!!

"Uptown Dog" boarding suites are for our most pampered guests!  Each suite is ceramic tiled with warm lighting and black steel gated entrance ways. A flat screen television provide constant entertainment with screenings of such hits as "Lassie", "Milo and Otis", and “Lady and the Tramp". Doggy art and extra spacious runs make this vacation spot truly feel like home. A quiet outdoor yard is attached to each suite. Bedtime is...of for a king( or queen), with raised beds, cozy blankets and a bedtime snack.

Uptowne For Little Friends

We know that being away from home can be especially stressful for very small or senior pets. Our “Uptowne  for Little Friends” area is separate from our Country Dogs Suites. Every dog is personally handled and cuddled on multiple periods of the day and taken individually into our large outdoor area. It is the perfect spot for dogs that require a bit more observation for medical issues or anxiety. This area is reserved for our friends under 35 pounds in size. 

ODI Uptown.jpeg

Cats Too!!

Your Kitty can also board with us in one of our custome Cat Spaces.  Safe and secure with their own little area to relax in. 


For Pet Boarding Prices - Please contact us at  585-589-5004 

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